Online Personal Training and Program Design

I’m currently taking on for Online Programming and Training. Are you a Powerlifter? Weightlifter? Strongman or strongwoman? Or want to look great on Stage or at the beach? I will work with you to hammer down a strategy to meet and EXCEED your goals!!

I want to build a massive team of excellent lifters and dedicated individuals. It does not matter what your goals are now, I will work with you to ACHIEVE those goals.

You don’t know what your goals are? We will look at where you are at right now, and set realistic goals and the plans to get there.


Online Training and Programming Design

December 2012 CPF Provincials, 595 pound squat opener. Missed it on the first attempt, hit it on my second and fell backwards on my unrack with 600 on my third after getting the squat command.
Jun 2013 CPF Nationals, 660 opener, smoked it, ended up with a solid 705 on my third. 110 pound pr in 6 months.

Do I really need to say anything else?

Shane’s programming gave me the structure I needed to finally start putting up some real numbers, and he was always there to answer any of my questions and heed any doubts I had in myself leading up to the meet.
It was great to have someone of his caliber checking out my training videos and telling me exactly what I needed to hear. I didn’t even see this kind of jump from my last raw meet to my first equipped!
Shane knows his shit and I’m glad I was able to get such great advice from one of the top lifters Canada has produced (1036 Squat at 242 is certainly no joke!).

Thanks Shane!

-Matt Brass, Powerlifter, June 2013

Online Training and Programming Design

Shane Church has been doing program design for me since February 2012. In these past 16 months I have seen far more progress than in any stretch of training I have done before.

When I started with Shane my personal records were: 275 deadlift, 225 squat, 225 bench. These numbers began to steadily increase with shane’s programming and show no sign of stalling. My best lifts are now: 430 deadlift, 340 squat, 295 bench. My weight has also gone from 176 to 200, with better body composition now.

The workouts Shane has designed for me have never failed to provide a worthwhile challenge. I feel motivated to hit each workout, and the results are at a level I didn’t think possible.

I highly recommend contacting Shane regarding program design.

-Jack O’Rourke, Powerlifter, June 2013

Online Training and Programming Design