Operation RE-BLOAT

The Operation RE-BLOAT that I did today was a terrific success! As of 9 pm est, my weight is back over 260 lbs! Not Bad, put about 20 lbs on in a day.

While I was going through hell this morning, I was thinking about all the people that helped me get to this spot in life.

My family, of course, has been a huge part and I thank you guys for that!

My current training partners, Jay Nera, Kade Weber and Jack O’Rourke. With the drive that you guys help me with, I wouldn’t have had my best training cycle ever!

The guys at Quest in Cornwall, and the Anvil in Toronto! You guys are amazing!!

Richard Brown, you have been a huge help this week and thanks in advance for tomorrow!!

Shannon, you have been amazing. But, that’s not news too me, you do that all the time!

And, last but not least, Paul V. The whole time I was cutting weight, all I thought about was how much I disappointed in Toronto 4 years ago, and how I never want to disappoint you again! Thanks for getting me over the hump!

Now time to relax and sleep! Up early and the meet starts at 8 am. I will be in the third flight with some of the best lifters in the world!

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