Life update [picture and video]

I haven’t been updating my blog lately, because I haven’t really been training that much.

In the last couple weeks I might have been training once a week. This is a terrible time for this to happen as I’m only a couple weeks out from my next meet December 1st. But, life happens!

Squatting has felt great, and 3 weeks ago when I benched last, it felt awesome too.

Life has changed a lot since my last post too!!! Shannon and I now have a dog! She is a cutie, just like me. We found out that we will be having a baby boy in April!!! Odin Benjamin Church!!

And to top this crazy crazy couple weeks, Shannon turned the big old Dirty 30 yesterday! We spent the day with friends chatting and catching up!

It’s been a fantastic couple weeks for my life… not so much for my lifting, but I will get through this and come out with a PR total!!

Odin Benjamin Church



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