Arnold 2013 write up!

Quick summery of the entire weekend – Cut a crap load of weight, squatted well, sucked at bench and deadlift!

Now for the details!

I started my weight cut from 266 lbs. This is way too much to do, I hate cutting, but I let myself get fat and had to pay my debts because of it.

The Cut

The drive down started out shitty, we had just got about a foot of snow the day before. Shannon and I left around 4:45 am and got to the boarder around 6 am. No traffic was a sweet bonus for leaving so early!

After we got to Syracuse, there was no snow! It made the rest of the ride much more tolerable.

We rolled into Columbus around 4 pm, which was about an hour ahead of schedule!

I jumped on the scale I brought and was weighing in around 247. I was laughing cause I couldn’t believe I was actually going to make it!

Went to bed, woke up for a pee at 3 AM, and I was the same weight.. damn… I suited up in the double sweater and fleece pants and hit the treadmill for about an hour.

I hit another round of treadmill round 5 then headed off for weigh ins around 7 AM.

After a shitty drive across Columbus, I made weight and headed right to Bob Evans for an all you can eat pancake breakfast!

After a bunch of food, water and naps I made it all the way back to 262 lbs before bed, and I was feeling good for the meet in the morning!!

 The Squats


After barely sleeping, we went for breakfast then headed into the meet!

I was opening with a 440 kg squat (970 lbs) in the third flight. There was 7 guys opening higher! What a crazy flight!

There was about 12-15 lifters in all the flights, and the meet started around 8:30 am. I started my warm up at the end of the first flight.

I take the bar for a little hip warm up, then put all my gear on. I use suit slippers for the first time and my briefs were up in places they have never seen before! It felt better than I have ever felt before!

Bar * 5
1 plate * 3
1 hundo * 3
plate/hundo * 3
2 hundos * 2
2 hundos/plate * 1
3 hundos * 1
3 hundos/1 plate * 1
3 hundos/2 plates * 1 I’m pretty sure that’s how that went!

Ready to go!

440 kg. Easy 3 whites
470 kg. Heavy, but moved fast. 2 whites
500 kg (1102 lbs) Nope. It was heavy haha

17.5 kg PR! and I was pumped to move onto the bench!

The Bench

It seemed like there was about a 4 hour wait until I needed to warm up to bench. Not sure what time we actually did start, but my warm up sent me into panic mode!

445 * Added shirt
565 miss!! MISS!! I missed a warm up! This has never happened to me before, and I was freaking the fuck out!
565 good. This calmed me down… not much but enough to bench

285 kg (628 lbs) No good. On the way down, the velcro on my wrist wrap popped and the wrap came off. It threw me off enough that I missed the rep.
285 kg Good. It was work, but thanks to Al Mehan, I had a new pair of wraps for this rep!
295 kg (650 lbs) No Good. I was drained and hating on the bench. It hated me back and I missed.

This left me way behind Clint Smith in my weight class. I had a Decent lead after the squat, but was now 40 kg + 10 on the coefficient. Which meant I had to pull a huge PR to win.

The Endlift

I was gassed, but full of energy to smash a huge PR and take the crown!

Gear on and took about 4 warm up attempts before I opened at 705.

320 kg. Good. It felt heavy, but I was going for the win and didn’t care what I had to do.
365 kg. No lift. I missed it at the knees
365 kg. No lift. Fuck!

I finished with a 1075 kg (2370 lbs) total. Which is only 15 kg off of my PR. Lesson learned. I was trying to beat a person, I should have tried to beat myself!


I got to hang out with some of the greatest powerlifters in the world. Brian Carroll, Clint Smith, Dave Kirschen, Julia Ladewski, Al Mehan, Chad Walker, Henry Thomason, Adam Driggers and about 2000 others!

I learned a lot, got lots of tips. Jason Fry gave me some great advice on what to do after cutting weight.

Hanging out with Al Mehan is always awesome! He is a Canadian icon in powerlifting!

I will be going on a competition hiatus for a couple months while we attempt to raise a little one. I figure around 6 months he should be able to do everything by himself, so I’ll compete after that.

I have started Operation lean and jacked. Which I will get leaner and stronger and look jacked. The short form of the operation is “Kade”. So, if you hear anyone talking about Kade, they are talking about getting bigger, stronger, and  leaner and stronger!

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